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Painting & Staining

House Painting by Hammell Homes

Hammell Homes understands that painting the interior and exterior of your home can dramatically increase its value, enhances its curb appeal, and enhance your happiness. To be done properly, they understand it requires the skills of a professional, with 30 years of experience . Hammell Homes offers painting services to help you freshen up the exterior and interior finish of your home, at a reasonable, affordable price.

Qualified Expertise – Hammell Homes's professionals are experienced with all aspects of house painting, including full preparation of all woodwork and wall surfaces. They value their work, and take pride in their performance. Once all the painting is completed, they provide all cleanup and waste removal to ensure the job is completed properly.

Hammell Homes painting services include:

Affordable – Since 1986, Hammell Homes has been offering their clients affordable painting solutions at a reasonable price. They provide a full-service guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction for the work they perform. To receive a free quote, call Hammell Homes at 847-558-1937, and speak with a customer service representative.