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Masonry Service

Three Reasons to Call Hammell Homes for Masonry Service

Qualified Expertise – Hammell Homes has been working with brick and cement for over 30 years. They have the expertise and skills to build and repair a variety of structures including steps, walkways, driveways, patios and more. Hammell Homes can repair existing masonry work, and perform chimney repair to ensure it functions properly. They work with a variety of materials including bricks, blocks, stone, pavers, cement pavers, and others.

Installing any type of masonry structure at your home offers a variety of benefits including protection, savings, low-maintenance living, and value. Masonry work by Hammell Homes are fire, weather, and termite resistant. Installing masonry protects the home from fungus, mold and rotting. It offers superior soundproofing, and is an environmentally friendly "green" product. However, for any do-it-yourself, it is a challenge to install. It requires the artful touch and years of experience of a professional skilled craftsman.

Since 1986, Hammell Homes has provided masonry services that include:

Affordably Priced – Hammell Homes realizes the traditional pricing of masonry installation can be beyond the reach of most homeowner's affordability. Alternatively, Hammell Homes offers affordably priced masonry services to fit any budget.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Hammell Homes stands behind all of their installation work, and provides a full-service satisfaction guarantee. Call Hammell Homes at 847-558-1937 for your free over the phone quote, to see exactly how much your household can save on masonry services.