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Blind & Curtain Installation

Call Hammell Homes to Install your Blinds & Curtains

Hammell Homes makes installation of blinds, curtains, and other door & window coverings easy. They have been assisting homeowners install new curtains and blinds, since 1986. Whether simply hanging curtain rods, or installing more complex venetian blinds, Hammell Homes can complete installation quickly.

Experience – Hammell Homes's handymen have the experience to quickly mount curtain & blind hardware and get your window covering up so you can enjoy your home. They understand the interior of your home can be greatly enhanced with the installation of blinds and curtains that come in a huge variety of styles, fabrics and colors. They also offer Venetian blind services, to accentuate your home's decor and add visual elegance to every room of your house.

Hammell Homes has been offering blinds and curtains services that include:

Affordable – Hammell Homes has been providing affordable blinds and curtains installation services since 1986. Installing curtain rods or venetian blind hardware and hanging curtains is not overly difficult. Avoid high service prices typically charged by window covering stores. Call Hammell Homes at 847-558-1937 for a quote on blind & curtain installation, and save!

For a free quote, call Hammell Homes at 847-558-1937, to see how much you can save today!